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The Cyber Emergency Response Team (CERT)

Within the Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium (CCB), the task of the CERT is to analyse, contain, mitigate, and eradicate cyber-attacks within Belgium. The CERT provides technical expertise and assistance to other governmental departments. Some services are delivered proactively, however the bulk of the work the CERT undertakes is similar to that of a cyber-firefighter.

Who can turn to the Cyber Emergency Response Team?

The CERT is a second-line service that is not in direct contact with victims of a cyber-attack.

The CERT provides services to:

  • Providers of essential services or entities and critical infrastructures according to NIS 1 and the future NIS 2 directive.
  • Providers of essential public services: the public services that are essential for the Belgian population.
  • Administrative authorities: the ICT infrastructure of Belgian public administrations.
  • Other important entities as defined in NIS 2 may also seek assistance, however those will be delivered in a best effort, limited scope way.

Contacting the Cyber Emergency Response Team

E-mail: [email protected]

Telephone : +32 (0)2 501 05 60 (only for Emergencies for Essential Operators or Entities)

The CCB can be contacted by e-mail ([email protected]) during office hours (09.30 to 16.30) from Monday to Friday, except for official public holidays. The receipt of mails is automatically acknowledged within minutes. This automatic system provides a unique case number to each report. This does not mean that the CCB will reply to every mail; further response depends on the severity of the incident and the capacity of the correspondent. In cooperation with the National Crisis Centre (NCCN) of the Ministry of the Interior, the CCB can be reached by telephone 24/7 to handle emergencies for providers of essential services and critical infrastructure.

Legal Basis

CSIRT Charter

Article 3 of the Royal Decree of 12 July 2019 implementing the law of 7 April 2019 on the security of network and information systems (NIS Act) stipulates that the Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium is referred to as national CSIRT within the definition of the NIS Act.


Service Definition Document

The Service Definition Document is an English-language document in which our CSIRT services are officially described according to the recommendations of the Internet Engineering Task Force (link to http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2350.txt) and Trusted Introducer (link to http://www.trusted-introducer.org), which is supported by the European CSIRT community.



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