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The Centre for Cyber Security Belgium (CCB) was created by Royal Decree of 10 October 2014 establishing the Centre for Cyber Security Belgium and is under the authority of the Prime Minister.

The Belgian Centre for Cyber Security is led by its Director Miguel de Bruycker, who is assisted by Deputy Director Phédra Clouner.

The Centre for Cyber Security Belgium

The CCB calls on the administrative and logistical support of the Federal Public Service Chancellery of the Prime Minister in carrying out its assignments. The Centre for Cyber Security Belgium is the central authority for cyber security in Belgium. It will draft a national Cyber Security policy and encourage all relevant Belgian governments departments to make an adequate and integrated contribution. The CCB will take over the management of the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) from the FPS Information and Communication Technology for the purpose of carrying out activities relating to the detection, observation and analysis of online security problems as well for providing continuous information related thereto to users.


As a national authority, the CCB's tasks are the following:

  • Monitoring, coordinating and supervising the implementation of Belgian policy on the subject;
  • Managing the various projects on the topic of cyber security using an integrated and centralized approach;
  • Ensuring coordination between the relevant government departments and governments, as well as the public authorities and the private or scientific sectors;
  • Formulating proposals aimed at adapting the regulatory framework in the field of cyber security;
  • Ensuring crisis management in case of cyber incidents in cooperation with the government's Coordination and Crisis Centre;
  • Preparing, disseminating and supervising the implementation of standards, guidelines and security standards for the various information systems of the governments and public institutions;
  • Coordinating the Belgian representation in international cyber security forums, coordinating the monitoring of international commitments and national proposals on this subject;
  • Coordinating the security evaluation and certification information and communication systems;
  • Informing and raising awareness among users on information and communication systems.


The CCB has the following values

  • Integration: the CCB contributes to an integrated and coordinated approach to national cyber security
  • Empowerment: the CCB empowers the relevant departments and provides them with support.
  • Balance: the CCB maintains the balance between security and fundamental rights, values and needs of modern society.
  • Innovation: the CCB encourages the development of new ideas and possibilities which can improve cyber security in Belgium and throughout the world
  • Integrity: the CCB acts honestly and honourably