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What makes Safeonweb's campaigns successful? What makes them reach an ever wider audience?


There are several factors: in addition to its simple, understandable and striking message, and its humour - because our campaigns are always funny - one of the fundamental elements is the involvement and trust of our partners. 

This year again, as every year, they show us their unfailing loyalty and we thank them for that.

500 partners, and not the least. We have representatives from all sectors - public, private, academic: the Federal Police, cities and municipalities, the academic world, Febelfin and the banks, and the Cyber Security Coalition.

Be smart and thwart phishing

Thanks to them, our message will be relayed throughout the country. It will reach citizens in their professional and private spheres, from the youngest to the oldest, behind their computer screen, on their smartphone, in the street, or even in a train station. Thanks to this seamless support, almost no one will escape our message: "Be smart and avoid phishing... and download our Safeonweb application to be warned of the latest threats".

In addition to helping us spread this message, some of our partners, via the Cyber Security Coalition and Febelfin, have also helped us develop the content of the campaign: indeed, their expertise in communication, cybersecurity, and their experience in the field, have allowed us to refine and clarify the message so that it reaches a maximum number of people and that a maximum number of people take the appropriate actions to protect themselves from phishing - the real scourge of our time - and to thwart the traps that cyber criminals set for us.


Phédra Clouner, deputy director Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium