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Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium launches security standards to boost cybersecurity in companies and organisations

Belgium is at the top of several international cyber security rankings. We can be proud of our 2nd place in the National Cyber Security Index (NCSI).  This is the result of considerable efforts and investments over the past few years.  But it also means that further efforts are needed in this constantly evolving field, as this fine figure also hides a reality: every day, companies, municipalities, hospitals and organisations from all sectors are targeted by cyber criminals.
Therefore, the CCB is launching a framework of guidelines to ensure and continuously improve cyber security both within the public and private sectors.
The Cyberfundamentals framework
The Cyberfundamentals are concrete measures for companies and organisations to:
  • better protect their data,
  • significantly reduce the risk of the most common cyber attacks,
  • increase cyber resilience in general.
The Cyberfundamentals are structured in 4 levels, with a subsequent level containing a little more measures than the previous one each time. A beginner level SMALL, followed by BASIC, IMPORTANT and ESSENTIAL. The goal is for every SME and every organisation in our country to eventually meet the BASIC level.
The Cyberfundamentals Framework is describes five core functions: identify, protect, detect, respond and recover. These functions enable communication around cybersecurity among both technical professionals and stakeholders so that cyber-related risks can be incorporated into the organisation's overall risk management strategy. It also increases the resilience of companies should they become victims of a cyber attack.
This framework is the result of collaboration between experts in the field and experts from the CCB. The Cyberfundamentals are free to use.
The IMPORTANT and ESSENTIAL levels are already in line with the provisions in the NIS2 directive.